What is Glycolic Acid?

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Discover the power of glycolic acid, the ultimate solution for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and acne. As the gold standard of AHAs, glycolic acid is renowned for its amazing keratolytic properties that gently remove dead skin cells, leading to reduced fine lines, fading of hyperpigmentation, and clearer skin. Derived from sugarcane, this remarkable ingredient not only exfoliates but also acts as a humectant, attracting and locking in moisture for a hydrated and youthful complexion.

Additionally, this powerful ingredient amplifies the penetration of other skincare products, making them even more impactful. While glycolic acid may initially cause a slight stinging or redness, these sensations are completely normal and will subside as your skin acclimates. Remember to always protect your skin with sunscreen when using glycolic acid, as it can increase UV sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, lactic acid, glycolic acid’s sister, offers a gentle alternative.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid

  • Hydrates the skin – As a humectant, Glycolic Acid attracts moisture, providing essential moisturization that leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Fights acne – Maximize the benefits of glycolic acid for acne-prone skin by effectively removing dead skin cells, clearing clogged pores, and preventing breakout triggers.
  • Maintains your skin’s lipids – This powerful ingredient gently exfoliates, revealing a fresh complexion without compromising your skin’s lipid barrier. But what exactly are lipids? They are the essential fatty acids that maintain your skin’s bounce and lock in hydration while repelling harmful elements.
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation – Hyperpigmentation occurs when your skin changes colour, becoming darker while the underlying skin remains less pigmented. Glycolic acid helps by eliminating darker skin cells and revealing a fresh, even layer of skin, effectively fading hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles – Glycolic acid effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by exfoliating the skin’s top layer. This process promotes the renewal of skin cells, boosts collagen production, and enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Additionally, glycolic acid flattens the skin’s surface, resulting in a smoother appearance and reduced visibility of wrinkles. For optimal results, regular and consistent application is essential in effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Enhances penetration of ingredients – This exfoliating ingredient not only boosts skin cell rejuvenation, but also enhances the effectiveness of your skincare routine. With deeper penetration, your products work their magic faster, delivering maximum benefits for the best results.
  • Improves skin tone & texture – Its tiny molecules penetrate deep into your skin, removing dull and lifeless skin cells.

How To Use Glycolic Acid

Night-time only –  To truly safeguard your skin’s health, it is crucial to utilize glycolic acid products exclusively at night. This precaution is especially significant as glycolic acid, along with other AHAs, heightens your skin’s sensitivity to harmful UV rays. Incorporate glycolic acid into your bedtime routine and safeguard your freshly exfoliated baby skin by applying sunscreen in the morning.

Experience the ultimate night-time rejuvenation with our exclusive night cream. Specially formulated to repair and renew your skin while you sleep, this powerful cream provides the extra care and hydration your skin needs to combat daily stressors. Wake up to a softer and more youthful-looking complexion, as this cream works to reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

Work up to it – When you first start using glycolic acid, it is normal to feel a light stinging sensation and notice some redness. Don’t worry, this is just your skin adjusting to the product. With time, your skin will become accustomed to it. Before applying glycolic acid to your entire face, it is important to patch test first. This will help you determine if glycolic acid is suitable for your skin. Take a small amount of the product and apply it to a small area on your forehead, where the skin is thickest. If there is no or only mild irritation within 24 hours, you can proceed to apply a thin layer of the glycolic acid product to your entire face (excluding the eye area) in the evening. Start with 1 to 2 times a week. However, if you experience harsh irritation within 24 hours, such as redness, flakiness, or peeling, you may need to try a glycolic acid product with a lower concentration. Alternatively, you can explore other AHAs, such as lactic acid, which tend to be more gentle on the skin.

Apply to entire face – Achieve flawless skin renewal with glycolic acid by applying it to your entire face (excluding eyes, lips, and mouth). By dissolving dead skin cells, this powerful ingredient ensures an even and thorough exfoliation process.

Avoid over exfoliation – Enhance your skin’s radiance without going overboard. Exfoliate once or twice a week for optimal results. Avoid the pitfalls of daily exfoliation, such as irritation, redness, breakouts, dryness, and premature aging.

Use moisturiser – It is essential to moisturize your skin twice a day, both in the morning and evening, to protect and hydrate your freshly exfoliated skin. This simple step will not only keep your skin nourished but also prevent any redness or irritation that may arise from the glycolic acid product. Remember, experiencing slight redness and irritation is completely normal and will subside with regular use.

Sunscreen – Don’t neglect your skin’s safety. The FDA strongly advises that sunscreen be applied to glycolic acid treated skin. Glycolic acid, along with all alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliates dead skin, revealing a fresh layer. However, this new baby-like skin is highly sensitive to UV rays and prone to sun damage. To shield your skin, it is imperative to apply sunscreen daily. Make it a habit!

In Conclusion

As an alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid offers incredible benefits for your skin. With its small and lightweight molecular structure, this unique acid easily penetrates deep into the skin, delivering maximum results. It is odorless, colorless, and highly soluble in water.

Originally used for oily or acne-prone skin, glycolic acid has evolved to become a game-changer in skincare. Recommended by dermatologists for all skin types, it can address a variety of concerns including dryness, dullness, sun damage, and signs of aging. By regulating seborrhea in young or oily skin and providing moisture and brightness to mature or dry skin, glycolic acid truly caters to the unique needs of each individual.

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